Thumbnail API – Specification

Using the Thumbnail API is as easy eating a pile of banana pancake. Send your file to this URL and get a thumbnail image in return:


Custom thumbnail sizes

By default, this will return a PNG thumbnail image of 200px x 200px. However, you can specify width and height as well:


Calling for example, will return a PNG, which is 400px wide and 300px high.


The Thumbnail API uses API keys to allow access to the API. You can obtain your API key at the dashboard. All clients must send this token in the Authorization header when making requests:

Authorization: Token <your-api-key>


The price of Thumbnail API depends on the processing time of your conversions. Each successful conversion decreases your monthly quota by the time it took to convert your file into the target format. However, a conversion can reduce your quota by a maximum of 20 seconds.

All authorized API responses will return your current monthly quota of avaliable processing time in seconds via HTTP header:


Supported Filetypes

Thumbnail API supports all common file formats. If there is a file format missing, that you'd like to convert from, please let us know


Raster graphic image formats: png, jpeg, bmp, tiff, gif
Vectorial graphic format: svg
Camera raw format: dng, arw

Office/Text Document

simple text file: txt, json
office document: odt, doc, docx
pdf document

Archive file

zip, tar

3D File

support for geometric file: .ply, .obj, .stl

Video format

support for multiples image preview of video: .mp4, .flv, .webm, .ogv, .wmv, etc.

Last updated: January 11, 2019

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